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Mercado API

My travels through Reseller API land continues.

Mercado is a reseller site specializing in Central and South America. We’re using it to sell in Mexico and Brazil. It’s a nice service in that it takes care of the shipping, exchange rate & customs issues that come up with international trade. Specifically, you can upload your products with the price you want to sell it for. Mercado, when it presents your product to a customer, adjusts the price for all of that. You get the dollars you want, they handle the rest.

Documentation for the Mercado API is very weak. First off, there are a couple different APIs floating around, but the one you want is the Cross Border Trade (CBT) API. That’s just one lonely PDF without cool hyperlinks, a discussion forum, a sandbox for testing calls, or any of niceties some APIs have. Other things you want, like how do I actually ship a product once I get an order, aren’t covered in the documentation at all.

Like Jet, Mercado does come with a test URL where you can test your API. Also like Jet, this API doesn’t really work:

  • While you can publish a product to the test site, you can’t view your product.
  • The live site requires an API call to Publish your product. This doesn’t work in test so you can’t really test out your full process.

Mercado support has been pretty bad. It’s taken weeks at times to get answers to simple questions.

One gotcha, that is not covered in the documentation, is that Mercado limits the number of products you can have at the beginning. We were limited to 1000 products right at the beginning (we have 400,000 in total). Once an order had come through and we fulfilled it, they raised our limit to 80,000 products and we were told “let’s see how that goes”. We’re still waiting to get our full catalog active on Mercado.

Update 11/29/17: Like Jet, Mercado’s portal doesn’t work. There’s a place where you can search for one of your products – but it doesn’t do anything. That leaves you no way to lookup a specific item, see if it’s live or what the listing looks like. There’s also a filter there with “Products with Sales” that shows nothing even though we have sales.