Month: February 2018


I thought the client that sent me a short email to tell me I’m fired after 20 plus years was a little ungrateful (read that story here), but today I received this email:

“We moved to <new system> back in October, but may need a little help yet with the event coming up next month”

So not only did this client of 20 plus years fire me, they didn’t even bother to tell me.

Granted, it’s business. They don’t owe anything. They’re not required to do anything.

And, I provide the level of service I do because that’s how I want to run my business – not because of client demands or because I want their praise, but for my own personal reasons.

But, damn, that’s cold and it hurts.

Are you trying to keep your rates low to help out your clients? Do you go above and beyond providing quality service & support? In short, do you think your clients appreciate you? Don’t be so sure.

Update 2/13/18: So of course I get the call. The new programmer has been working for 3 months and can’t quite get this registration system working. Could I maybe, pretty please, get the website they said they no longer wanted working again, update it to all the new information, and make it live for them? By Friday.

I desperately wanted to tell them to take a hike, but I am a fool like to provide great service so I agreed. I did charge them a $500 “rush job” fee though.



Do You Own Your Server?

My client has a fairly normal setup for his cloud applicationĀ  – he pays a hardware/OS guy a monthly fee which gets him a server and support when he needs it. Everything is fine for years until Hardware Guy sells his company to New Hardware Guy.

New Hardware Guy is…uh, how to say this politely… a complete dickhead. This comes to a head last week when the new antivirus program is causing problems with the has-worked-perfectly-for-20-years VFP app. New Hardware Guy insists that’s not the antivirus causing a problem, refuses to give password to the antivirus so I can tweak settings, won’t tweak them himself, claims that this 20 year-old software was never meant to be multi-user, and just, generally, being a complete dickhead.

Finally New Hardware Guy fires my client (thankfully, not in response to an email from me, but an email from my client). Which would be fine since the guy’s a complete dickhead, but New Hardware Guy controls the server.

So now my client has a month to get a new server in place, setup everything, and for me to get the app and 20 years worth of data transferred. Major pain in the ass, huge time sink and huge expense. For nothing.

So if you don’t control your own server or your clients don’t control their servers, I’d really think about changing that on your terms, not when some dickhead makes it a crisis.