Google Keep – Not There Yet

I’ve pretty much given over everything to Google at this point with two hold outs remaining: OneNote for notes (thanks to the Eric Selje presentation at Southwest Fox) and gQueues for managing tasks/to-dos.

I keep hoping that Google Keep might be able to replace those two things – giving me a little more integration and giving Goole a little more of my soul – but the app is missing a couple key things:

  • No text formatting. I could probably live without bold/italics, but Keep’s inability to – for example – let me  copy a table from a web page and paste it in is kind of a killer.
  • Keep can’t order your notes within a label. Sure, Keep will let you rearrange/order your notes on the main page – where I have a couple hundred personal and business notes – Not convenient. OneNote and gQueues (more importantly for GTD) let me order things within a category. This is a deal breaker.
  • gQueues has really smart recurring task settings. The one I use all the time is “repeat this task X days after I complete it” (doing the laundry for example, I need to do that every 7 days or so. I don’t need to do it every Wednesday). Because sometimes I don’t always GTD when I’m supposed to GTD. Keep only has the very dumb “repeat every X days”. I could create a non-recurring task and just continually move it when I’m done, but that’s annoying and doesn’t give you the little dopamine rush of marking it done.
  • OneNote has a great web clipper that lets you grab the whole web page, part of the page, can recognize if it’s a recipe and cleans it up, and then ultimately stores the web page all nice and pretty in a note. Keep can only put the link in a note for you. I suppose that’s better than nothing, but it is frequently worthless when I’m trying to search for a recipe and the recipe name isn’t in the link.

So until Keep gets an upgrade (and I have little hope of that. Google seems to release stuff and then be done with it) I’ll keep using OneNote (which is slow, clunky, and doesn’t integrate with my other Google apps) and gQueues (which I actually really kind of love and don’t mind paying the $25 a year for and does integrate nicely with my Google calendar).


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