Month: December 2016

Word Reverting to Merge Fields

Ran into this rather bizarre problem with a client today. They have a lovely merge document that my program creates for them in Word. It has a header that looks like this:


In some cases, the user will go in and make changes to this document after it’s created. They might delete the last couple paragraphs for example. When they do that, the header in the document will suddenly turn to this:


The merged data disappears and Word reverts to merge fields!

Googling “deleting lines in Word document causes merged data to revert to a merge field” didn’t turn up anything.

Playing around with it, I discovered that it only happened if you deleted to the very end of the document. Curiously, at the end of the document was a single, invisible character. As long as that isn’t deleted, the merged data stays put.


Convert PDF to Text

The QuickPDF tool from Debenu can do a lot – read PDFs, modify existing ones, create new ones line by line, and lots more.

I had a client that was receiving a bank statement as PDF that we needed to input the info to their Foxpro system. With QuickPDF I could read through the PDF file, convert it all to text, and then process the text to do my import. Pretty powerful and pretty easy.

Here’s a sample program that will convert a PDF to a text file using QuickPDF: