Month: March 2016

On-site Blues

I have a client that wanted me to work on-site (“to be more efficient”) which I agreed to. I haven’t done that in probably 10 years at least and overlooked several things that may have made a difference in that decision:

Travel Time: At rush hour, it’s taking just over an hour to get to and from this client. For my 20 hours a week that’s 6 hours of driving – a nearly 25% loss on my hourly rate. Oops.

Traffic: An hour of stop & go traffic is incredibly annoying. People really do this everyday? It’s horrible. I should have charged a daily annoyance fee for this.

Tools: I didn’t realize how many tools I use everyday in my programming and take for granted- large dual screens, the keyboard I’m used to, SnagIt, Thor, GoFish, IntellisenseX, speakers for┬ámusic, etc. The lack of all that makes the programming far less efficient. This lasted only one day – I now drive an hour to get to this client and promptly logmein back to my own computer. Still stuck with a small monitor, an uncomfortable keyboard, and no decent sounding music.

The client is happy though and it’s good to actually meet the people actually using my software rather than just the one person I usually work with.