Stripe: Charge a Card on file

Previously I added the ability to store a credit card to a customer on Stripe. This was for use with Stripe’s plan/subscription functions. Stripe will also let you easily charge a credit card that you have put on file. I’ve added that capability to StripeX with the ChargeCard() function.

I also did some minor tweaks to a couple other functions.

local o
o = NEWOBJECT("StripeX")
o.cAPIKey = "YourAPIKey"
IF !o.Authenticate() && Make sure Stripe working
?"Auth", "Failed", o.cErrorMessage
?"Good Auth"
LOCAL lCustomer, lCard
lCustomer = "YourCustomerID"
lCard = "TheCardIDOnThatCustomer"
* Charge a card on file
?"Charge", o.ChargeCard(lCustomer, lCard, 1.00, "Stripe Desc", "Statement Desc")

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