Month: January 2016

Stripe: Charge a Card on file

Previously I added the ability to store a credit card to a customer on Stripe. This was for use with Stripe’s plan/subscription functions. Stripe will also let you easily charge a credit card¬†that you have put on file. I’ve added that capability to StripeX with the ChargeCard() function.

I also did some minor tweaks to a couple other functions.

local o
o = NEWOBJECT("StripeX")
o.cAPIKey = "YourAPIKey"
IF !o.Authenticate() && Make sure Stripe working
?"Auth", "Failed", o.cErrorMessage
?"Good Auth"
LOCAL lCustomer, lCard
lCustomer = "YourCustomerID"
lCard = "TheCardIDOnThatCustomer"
* Charge a card on file
?"Charge", o.ChargeCard(lCustomer, lCard, 1.00, "Stripe Desc", "Statement Desc")

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ISAM Driver Not Found

Had a client run into a “ISAM Driver Not Found” error when trying to do a mail merge to Word 2013 on Windows 10 from my VFP application. It looks like the ISAM driver for DBF files has been deprecated and is not installed by default anymore by ¬†Microsoft.

Installing the 2007 Office System Driver appears to install the missing pieces and get things working.