Stripe Plan and Subscription Functions

I’ve updated StripeX with new Plan & Subscription functions.

Stripes terminology is slightly confusing:

  • A “Plan” is a subscription you sell. So “Tech Support $50/month” or “$3 per month per user license” is a Plan. Your stripe account can have multiple plans.
  • A “Subscription” is when a customer subscribes to a specific plan. A customer can subscribe to more than one plan.
  • So customers have subscriptions while your account has plans.

The .PlanList() function will build a cursor of all the plans on your account while the .PlanRetrieve(id) function will get the information for a specific plan:

There are four functions that work with subscriptions (a customer must have a Card on file to add subscriptions. Card functions are explained here):

  • SubscriptionCreate – Creates a subscription for a customer
  • SubscriptionDelete – Remove a subscription from a customer
  • SubscriptionList – Builds a cursor of all the subscriptions a customer has
  • SubscriptionRetrieve – Gets information for one subscription




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