Don’t Be This Guy

I got this email a little while back:

“We will be transitioning off Foxpro to (other company) in October or November”

Granted, clients don’t owe me anything, but this company has been a client for 20 years. I’ve pulled their bacon from the fire numerous times. I’ve successfully navigated them around a Y2K disaster, upgraded their system from Foxpro 2.6 to VFP, and got them on the web with a robust West Wind application.

No discussion of any problems. No discussion on how to move to a new system. Just an email out of the blue saying they are done with the 20 year relation.

Etiquette alone requires more than a one sentence good-bye. Hell, they didn’t even give me a period. Don’t be this guy. Show a little gratitude for the business partners you have.

Update: They of course ran into a couple problems on the conversion over to the new system and it was an emergency to fix it. Did they call the new company they hired? Nope, called me. I’m the guy that can solve any problem quickly. They are the programmers they’re going to pay 10X what they payed me.


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